March 09, 2018

11:00 AM EST - 1:00 PM EST

Partnership Center
9700 France Ave S.
Bloomington, MN 55431

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Are you a business leader looking for ways to prioritize important work and make your teams impactful, versus busy?

The abundance of data can be overwhelming and confusing. What data is important? How do I analyze my data? How do you use that data to drive better decisions that creates meaningful impact in your organization?

Join us over lunch for a presentation by three innovative companies that will share their story on how they have partnered to drive improvement in organizations through the use of Visual Analytics and The Metric of Urgency™.

Learn a three-step approach to drive meaningful impact.
Analyze & Visualize. Optimize. Prioritize.
  1. Analyze & Visualize. The first step to understanding your data is to visually analyze it. According to Gartner, Tableau is the market-leading Visual Analytics tool that can create robust and dynamic views of your data.
  2. Optimize. You want to ensure your Tableau platform is configured optimally, and your team is trained. Intuitive Technology Group is a national Tableau reseller, implementer and trainer that can help operationalize Tableau quickly delivering immediate results.
  3. Prioritize. Now that you can visualize your data and your platform is optimized, what do you do? What metrics are important? Which metrics should guide your work prioritization strategy? We will demonstrate how the Metric of Urgency will help you connect your strategy with operations, prioritize important work, and ultimately drive meaningful impact.